CDO / Foodsphere, Inc.

Beginning with the Best Ingredients

It all started as a hobby in 1975.
An insightful homemaker and a skilled dietitian, it was therefore inherent in Mrs. Corazon Dayro Ong to intuitively turn this consumer insight into opportunity. Creativity and entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to prepare food products and sell them to a steady and growing clientele. Hence, what began in 1975 has now flourished into CDO-Foodsphere, Inc.

After more than 3 decades, CDO Karne Norte, CDO Bibbo! Hotdog, CDO Meat Loaf, CDO Hamburger Patties, CDO Holiday Ham, Samba Corned Beef, and San Marino Corned Tuna are just a few of the named brands enjoyed by the Filipino family.

The food company is forging ahead, blooming into a full-grown food manufacturing company and making waves in the Philippine market. To date, CDO-Foodsphere’s product development and strategies have elevated its reputation to a household name. It is the food company that understands the discriminating taste of the Filipino.

Indeed, CDO Foodsphere and its values of hard work, gratitude, humility and personalized service are exemplified by Mrs. Ong’s leadership that is manifested daily in her personal involvement in the nitty-gritty of the business.



  • Graduate of any four year course preferably Accounting or Engineering courses
  • At least 1-2 years work experience in the field of inventory and warehouse management and controls.
  • Fresh Graduates with good academic standing are encouraged to apply. Preferably CPA.

Job Descriptions:

  • Identify and get listings of inventory items per warehouse.
  • Conduct Analysis of historical data of all inventory items to identify the list of fast moving and high value inventory.
  • Submits summary of year round physical count calendar of activities and coordinates any updates and modifications to the original calendar of activities to the Corporate Audit Section Head.
  • Coordinates to the Warehouse Head the schedule of physical count through formal notice to conduct physical count.
  • Prepare physical count inventory instructions.
  • Obtain cut-off of documents and transactions before the start of physical count.
  • Conducts physical count of inventory items in the presence of warehouse in-charge and/or stock custodian.
  • Performs comparison of actual count against perpetual inventory records to identify inventory variance/s.
  • Prepare schedule/summary of the results of comparison of actual count against perpetual inventory records.
  • Conducts review of historical records and documents of inventory transactions to determine the cause/s of the variance.
  • Prepares a narrative report for the results of physical count and reconciliation of variances.
  • Initiate/recommend corrective action/s to resolve the variance identified.
  • Monitor the status of corrective/actions of the auditees.
  • Makes reports and recommendations on matters involving warehouse operations and inventory controls.

Interested applicants may please send their resume at:

Email: hrd@cdo.com.ph
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cdo.foodsphere.career

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