TrueLogic Online Solutions, Inc.

TrueLogic Online Solutions Inc. is a web development, SEO, and internet service company with a goal to provide quality web products and services using today’s newest technologies.

TrueLogic deals with all aspects of web deployment, from the planning stages all the way to the realization, marketing and monetizing. Many projects are being brainstormed, developed and maintained each month. Because of this, TrueLogic seeks talented and aspiring team players who love and live the internet, with a creative mind that is not afraid to think outside of the box.


Purpose of the Position:

  • TrueLogic is a premier provider of Search Engine Optimization Services. Our edge has always been our development of innovative and relevant link building activities that add value to our Clients. We have a truly unique, tried and tested proprietary process for creating relevance and popularity. At the heart of this innovation is our Product Development Manager.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Identify new and innovative processes that maximize link value for clients
  • Develop new approaches to link building practices that allow for scalable execution
  • Create potent approaches to SEO via Social Media channels
  • Provide guidance and supervision for a team of SEO Specialists that will participate in the execution of new and innovative processes
  • Deliver technical training for SEO staff
  • Create continuous improvement in existing SEO processes

Experience Required:

  • Relevant work experience in the field of SEO for at least 5 years

Knowledge and Skills Requirements:

  • Solid Experience working in Internet Marketing and SEO
  • Superior working knowledge of On-page optimization
  • Excellent working knowledge of current Off-page optimization
  • Good presentation skills is an advantage
  • Required language(s): English
  • Highly organized
  • Extreme attention to detail
  • Have the ability to multi-task
  • Strong organizational skills, attention to details, critical thinking and learning abilities
  • Excellent presentation skills with confidence presenting findings, analysis and information
  • Work experience with BPO’s or IT companies (.com’s) is an asset

Walk-in applicants are welcome to apply!

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